This is all due to illegal microwave monitoring harassment

Jan, 23. 2014′   WHERE IS THE JUSTICE FOR ALL     IMG_20120806_144940   This morning wasn’t the same as everyday is different and we can give thanks to a higher power for that but I cannot help but to think about the state of mind that most people are in currently.   If its not enough that normal day to day events can cause anxiety in our lives we must still stay aware of the cataclysms that plague our society and deform the positive seeds for our future economic growth.

Warning that the NSA’s massive daily intake of calling records “raises serious threats to privacy and civil liberties,” a three-member majority of the oversight board said the government should end the surveillance program and “purge the database of telephone records that have been collected and stored during the program’s operation.” The board said the NSA should instead seek records directly from phone service providers using “existing legal authorities.”

The link above is nothing compared to what our government is capable of and there are different forms of this.

(Without strong protections, this information can and will be repurposed by interested parties. It’s not hard to imagine a divorce lawyer subpoenaing this information, an insurance company interpreting the data in a way that allows it to penalize customers, or criminals intercepting the information to plan a burglary. Marketing companies will also desperately want to access this data” )

At least from my own personal experience here in Las Vegas Nevada the District attorneys office has the use of such technology with capacities that far exceed the limitations of physical understanding.

Let us think for a moment, What if someone could metaphorically without being seen bond to a host as an entity and see whatever you see, Feel whatever you feel also experience your thoughts your pleasures, pain, fears. What if that person could broadcast that over a network and record your thoughts on a viewer and with ext ream prejudice metamorphosize the layout of your Contradictions to their liking. Well then in a sense that would create a deficiency of mind and character if these actions pervert your mental well being. What if this person entity or a group of entities could touch you speak to you in a voyeur advancement against your competent wishes.

Would this be legal ? Who would give permission to use government technology in such a way for the destruction of an unwilling persons mind state.

Would that be against any constitutional or civil rights ? I do not believe the the United States Constitution has changed to the point that they remove : Amendment VIII Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Well then what would holding a persons mind (if you believe such a thing exist) in captivity be considered ? It will be considered mental slavery. Here in the state of Nevada I believe that the misuse of such equipment is a misappropriation of human rights. This inappropriate behavior continues all the while people suffer for their acts of diverse scrutiny by individuals that take every other persons livelihood as a way to entertain their downtime. The long term results of mind manipulation may cause recidivism in some people that are trying to make a change in their lives or just a flat out breakdown in some cases that a person feels already overwhelmed by life itself.   So you cannot blame everything on the president because he doesn’t know everything, Truth is if he did we would never have to vote ever again.   These are notes from my own personal observation here in the state of Nevada though I have not toured the world. I can say that something needs to be done here and am still asking myself who pays for the crimes that public officials commit. Who takes the blame ?       Vullie Torrence


~ by vullietorrence on January 23, 2014.

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