@taxedout..”Since Metro cops consistently kill more of our neighbors than cities with larger and more violent populations.” Can you give the statistics to support that statement?” I can and I have. In fact, this is not even the first time you have asked me to provide these numbers, and still it seems that truth didn’t matter to you then, so I doubt it would matter to you now. The number of deaths at Metro’s hands stay in the double digits every year. While there are a few years that cities like Philly, Detroit and L.A. have out paced that number those cities would actually see there numbers drop, while Metro’s wouldn’t. These facts have gone uncontested here since before the Scott shooting. So, I’ll supply them, but will it make a difference? Will it change the fact that there are at at least five valley cops who clearly should face charges for their actions and our diminutive DA has done nothing? I mean you’ve ignored the truth this long, are you ready to accept it now?


~ by vullietorrence on September 14, 2012.

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