To Whom it May Concern,

To Whom it May Concern,

Hello, my name is Vullie Torrence, and this is my first time addressing my comprimising situation, to the State Bar of Nevada.

My complaint is as follows: While I was housed in Clark County Detention Center (C.C.D.C.), I received a death threat from a District Attorney, by the name of David Rogers. Possibly sent by a man named Delflaco, who was housed in 9E-13 of C.C.D.C.

I believe the threat was sent because I refused to accept the deal in the case #1513749. This case has been long over, becuase the judge agreed to drop this case; and since then I have not been in trouble. Infact it was proved that the alleged crime had not been committed. But since then I have been stalked by State Employee Faculty, and iether sons of and/or daughters thereof.

On one occasion I was stalked by a car modeled 2006 or 2007, Thunderbird, white-this incident occured outside an internet cafe on Maryland Pkwy. and Harmon Ave.

Also a man, by the name of J. P. Rahmen, attempted to coerce my family in Judge Corey’s courtroom. My family consisted of My Uncle Charles, My Grandmother Kathy, My Auntie Barbara, and my Auntie May-they are all wittnesses to thier acts. Also, I have the date and time, on paperwork; additional proof can be obtained by subpeona of court video tapes, of the occupants in the courtroom-at that time. My family members are involved in various financial institutions.

I do believe that the State Employees involved are coercing detainees in attempts to posess and control parts of my assests; by allowing these inmates, In Nevada-housed in C.C.D.C, access to my social security number. I can only believe thees individuals have nothing but criminal intent; in order for payback, to make the statment that nobody messes with them. I believe that it is easy to cure a cold, if you’re not constantly being sneezed on. Said persons accept no personal resposibilty for thier actions. Also, with that, the detainees are under thier guidance. They won’t comply with any guidelines of the law, when an elected public official offers them deals, in order to co-operate with thier own criminal actions. My additional statments are recorded/addressed in other letters being sent to various State Agencies.


~ by vullietorrence on May 30, 2010.

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