Dear Friends

,Dear Friends

First of all, I would like to apologize for my sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation.

Hello, my name is Vullie Torrence, and this is my second letter to you in hopes to articulate a reply. In case that you did not receive my first letter, I will give you the reason why I am contacting you.

I was recently housed in Clark County Detention Center (C.C.D.C.) for driving under the influence (D.U.I.), which happened around the date of 4/23/07.  My arrest was dated 5/19/08, but infact on April 23rd, of 2007, I proceeded to move my car and was in violation of being under thee influence of liquor.

This case was brough before Judge Nancy Osterlie, in courtroom 8-B of Justice Court (6), where I plead guilty to one count of of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor.

The sentence was to attend Victim Impact-which I did, D.U.I. School-which I did, and six months of a program called S.C.R.A.M. (—-)-which I did as well. S.C.R.A.M. is a device that is conected to your ankle, for the purposes of monitoring alchohol use, and any other additional chemicals in your body; this meant that I had not been taking alchohol or drugs for that six-month period.

On the day, of my first thirty day status check, I ws remanded into custody for, “25 days contempt of court,” and “six months flat time,” as ordered by the court. Before being remanded, I was asked to complete A.A. classes and stay out of trouble; which-up to that day-I had, as ordered by the court, except for my individual counseling-because of my new work schedule that I was working.

At that time a reproachful life character assesment, of me, was brought before the court-which rendered an enormity of who I was supposed to be. This evaluation was for court purpose, I believe; a copy is attatched, for your viewing. This evaluation was completely wrong, it made my character look like an engendered pattern of heinous criminal behaivior. It also states, in the letter, that I have a problem with society and securing full time employment-while the truth is I’ve never been without a job. I have virtually worked my whole life; infact, at the tmie of the interview, I was employed full-time. the interviewer even went as so far as to say, in the statement, that I don’t know the age of my daughter-whom I love very much. I dont believe this person/s  should hold a professional position that can influence a judgement in anyone’s life working through any court system.

I feel this way, and I’m sure that others feel the same; because the evaluation that this person wrote was-and is-part of my records, that are open for and to public viewing/opinion. Especially if this is printed up on paperwork and baring the Great Seal of Nevada, it should show a rendition in professionalism. Duplicate copies, of this evaluation, were sent the the District Attorney, the court, and myself.

I understand that I am one man making a complaint, and that obviously means nothing to the State; but it seems to me-at least in America-a man should be able to stand up, free of the past, and become what they want in life. America, where the worth of a man/woman should matter more than the State.

I am relaying this to you in hopes that you will help me seek restitution for this. I  believe that by this person/s giving a horrible outlook of me, as a person, it caused the Judge-in this matter of the D.U.I.-to make a vary hasty decision in my case, as well as behalf.

I don’t condone drinking and driving; my first D.U.I. was in May of 2007, and was treated according to the Character Assesment Test preformed-which I had no knowledge of even being tested at the time. Since I did, to the best of my abilities, to co-operate with the judgement placed upon me, I have no reason to condone that anyone should give false information to a court, and it thereby  being accepted as part of who you are.

I haven’t caused any problems in the community for sometime, since 1998. Following that conviction, I have taken charge of my life and have been doing the best I can-in virtue-to become a greater person, day by day. I feel that I have been swept into the flow of systematic incarceration, that has been a growing deficiency to the middle class economy, as I was added to the budget. These things trouble me, because if I allow this assualt on my character again-like in past encounters with others that I felt were far more advanced in intellect than myself, and sitting quietly while Im judged by the cover of my book-then I will not be winning the war within myself. By looking to my past experiences for references to my present situations, I have realized that I would like to continue the struggle in becoming a person in foward motion; I would prefer not to lose my dignity again, because I refused to stand and be counted.

That is the reason why I am asking for your guidance on this matter of being part of a test that I had no knowledge of. Also being subject to pre-judgement before I even reached the courtroom, because they were influenced by a false message. I’m only asking that you take my letter into consideration, and send me a reply a reply to let me know that you have received it.

I believe that losing time off of work, and this setback in life, has caused me to lose focus on why i have come this far in my goal. I feel that I am the only person that notices something wronh with this. No one shuld be allowed to distort a vision of how the average person views you or your character.


~ by vullietorrence on May 30, 2010.

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